Sr Frontend Developer

Remote / FULL-TIME


A Frontend Engineer is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining user interfaces for web applications. This role requires a combination of technical skills, creativity, and problem-solving ability to create intuitive and responsive interfaces that meet the needs of users.

Key Responsibilities

Work closely with UX designers and backend developers to understand requirements and design specifications. Develop web applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while adhering to best practices and web standards. Build reusable components and libraries for future use.

Key Skills

Strong proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Familiarity with frontend frameworks such as React, Angular, or Vue.js.

Experience with testing frameworks such as Jest, Mocha, or Jasmine.

Understanding of web performance optimization techniques.

What We Offer

At Alkes, you will be able to work with the latest technologies in the industry.

As standard, all of our employees are fully covered by our extensive health insurance, including dental and maternity care.

We also offer a full 30 days of paid annual leave, plus our annual company-wide team-building weekend away.

All attractive offices in multiple locations are also available for the successful candidate.